Horse Showing Rules

Please read carefully the rules for this year's horse showing.

1Intending exhibitors are requested to peruse the Dualla Show Ltd (DS Ltd) Rules and Regulations and be prepared to Comply with them.

2The DS Ltd reserves the right to alter or cancel any class or competition at any time.

3The DS Ltd takes no responsibility for any accidents.

4Any objections to any winner in any class or competition must be lodged with €50 with the Secretary in writing within 1 hour of the event.

5Exhibitors are to understand that although every reasonable precaution will be taken to ensure the safety and welfare of animals, the DS Ltd will not be responsible for loss or damage or accident of any kind that may occur, neither will the society be accountable for any accident that may occur to any person attending the show whether as a visitor, exhibitor or otherwise.

6The Horse Showing Committee of the DS Ltd reserve the right to refuse entries, varying the prize list or arrangements, or removing any animal or other exhibit at any time during the show. The DS Ltd will not in any way be liable for any claim for compensation or otherwise arising out of the holding, abandonment or postponement of the show, nor for any claim arising out of or connected to the show.

7The Judges decision is final.

8Exhibitors/Competitors must obey the Stewards at all times.

9Protective headgear conforming to recommended kitemark standard - Pas 015 or En 1348 and fitted with an adjustable harness. It is compulsory for all riders under 16 years of age and for riders in working hunter horse and working hunter pony competitions to wear the above headgear. In ridden show classes riders over 16 yrs may wear a bowler hat (gentlemen) or a velvet hunt cap (ladies).

10Anyone found interfering with an exhibit or disarranging any display will be asked to leave the grounds. For the convenience of exhibitors the DS Ltd has arranged that a vetinary surgeon will be on call at short notice on the day to attend to sick or injured animals, but fees for this service will be payable by the owner concerned.

11Entry Fees - Withdrawal of entries after the 21st August 2016 are not refundable

Important notice to all owners/exhibitors involved in the showing of animals
The Irish Shows Association would advise all animal owners who have their animals insured to have the insurance extended to cover them while showing animals at shows. We understand that this costs very little or nothing all depending on who you are insured with.
The reason for us in giving you this advice is that if your animal were to lash out and injure someone or damage someone's property and its established that your animal was out of control at the time, you may be held liable/responsible ( or partly responsible) for any injury or damage caused and you could end up paying all or part of any settlement reached.

All Exhibitors are advised to have their Public Liability Insurance up to date

Equine Exhibitors - Please note that Equine Premise Reg Number must be quoted on entry form


The correct entry fee must accompany the entry forms otherwise they will not be accepted on the day

ENTRIES CLOSE on 21st August 2016

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