Horse Showing 2014

Winners of the 2014 show

Class 1: Intermediate riding type. 1st Dorothy Wall; 2nd Shona Chapman

Class 2: Intermediate SRT. 1st Charlotte Hatton

Intermediate Championship

Class 3: 148 Show Pony. 1st Charlotte Hatton, 2nd Aoibhin Coady

Class 4: 138 Show Pony. 1st Amber Marnane, 2nd Michael Meade

Class 5: 128 Show Pony. 2nd Susan Judge

Show Pony Championship

Class 6: 153 Show Hunter. 1st Kate White, 2nd Susan Judge, 3rd Aoibhin Coady

Class 7: 143 Show Hunter. 1st Richard Quirke, 2nd Michael Meade

Class 8: 133 Show Hunter. 1st Orla Queally, 2nd Michale Meade, 3rd Ann Quinn

Show Hunter Champion

Class 9: Show Starter Stakes. 1st Susan Judge, 2nd Grainne Geary

Starter Stakes Champion

Class 10: No entries

Class 11: First Ridden Show Hunter/Pony. 1st Tom Kiely Marshall,m2nd Harriet Penfold, 3rd Sive Kearney.

Class 12: Lead Rein Show Hunter/Pony. 1st Charlotte Goor, 2nd John Brosnihan, 3rd Tom Kiely Marshall.

Mini Championship

Class 13: Lcoal Lead Rein. 1st Tara Kiely, 2 nd Joseph Gaule, 3rd Tara Kelly.

Class 14: All were winners!!!!!

Class 15: M & M Ridden under 138. 1st Amber Marnane, 2nd Harriet Penfold, 3rd Caroline Geoghegan.

Class 16: M & M Ridden over 138. 1st Rebecca O'Connell, 2nd Mary Hayden, 3rd Caroline Geoghegan.

Class 17: Connemara Ridden. 1st Esme Manseragh Wallace, 2nd Rebecca O'Connell, 3rd Caroline Geoghegan.

M &M Championship

Class 18: Yearling Colt/Gelding. 1st Alice Fitzgerald

Class 19: Yearling -Filly. 1st Adrian Egan

Class 20: 2yr old Colt/Gelding. 1st Sandra Stanley

Class 21: No entries

Class 22: No entries

Class 23: 3 yr old Filly. 1st Jennifer Haverty

Young Horse Championship - Champion: Adrian Egan, Reserve Champion Jennifer Haverty

Class 24: Thoroughbred Mare. 1st Eileen Ryan

Class 25: No entries

Class 26: Non Thoroughbred Mare. 1st Breid Shannon, 3rd Martin Fahey

Class 27: Non Thoroughbred Foal. 1st Martin FaheyClass, 2nd Breid Shannon

Class 28: RID Mare. 1st Judith Cowley, 2nd Martin Fahey

Class 29: No entries

Mare Championship - Champion: Breid Shannon, Reserve Champion Judith Cowley

Foal Championship - Champion Martin Fahey, Reserve Champion Breid Shannon.

Class 30: Farm Type Work Horse. 1st Richard Bourke, 2nd Derek Bailey, 3rd Catherine Kenny

Class 31: Rescue Class.


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