Tractor Pulling

The tractor pulling is back again this year where they'll be having the 5th round of the ITCC championship. Pulling starts at 12pm.

ITPC Points Table

You can see the all the points tables here:

The Irish Tractor Pulling Committee (ITPC) is the ONLY official tractor pulling club in Ireland that is a member of the European Tractor Pulling Committee (ETPC). The ITPC sledge "Gladiator" is also the only official sanctioned sledge from the ETPC. The ITPC adhere to all the current 2016 ETPC rules and regulations to ensure both the safety of everyone involved and fair competition, while providing a top class entertainment event for shows and spectators alike.

Competitors should download a copy of the ITPC Farm Class Rules and take particular notice of the adoption of the European hitch height now 500mm measured from the ground & the maximum distance forward for front weights 1100mm measured from the front grill of the tractor.

A maximum of 30 starting positions are available for the above standard farm classes, places will be allocated on a first come first served bases.

ITPC Tuned Tractor Classes

3.5 Ton Farm Sport Class

3.5 Ton Super Farm Sport Class

4.0 Ton Modified Class

ITPC Farm Stock Classes are defined by Weight as follows:

5.5 Ton Class

7.5 Ton Class

9.5 Ton Class

11.5 Ton Class

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